Harley owners give friend a final send-off

A long-time Harley Davidson Riders Club member who died with no known relatives was given a final farewell to be proud of.
Limey Dave's send off NNL-160726-132244001Limey Dave's send off NNL-160726-132244001
Limey Dave's send off NNL-160726-132244001

David Pater, better known as ‘Limey Dave’ was discovered dead in his Banbury area home after attempts to reach him had failed. He was 64.

Nic East, friend and fellow club member said: “His work mates chased him up after he hadn’t appeared at work for a couple of weeks and he was found dead in his house.

“We said ‘we’ve got to do something for Dave’ because he’s got no family. No-one wants a pauper’s funeral.”

Dave Pater NNL-160727-133726001Dave Pater NNL-160727-133726001
Dave Pater NNL-160727-133726001

The funeral service was arranged by Limey Dave’s goddaughter, Lucy Wilson, who contacted the club.

Close friend Martin Riches said: We didn’t organise it we just put it out. The funeral was on a Friday so people could get here, we knew there would be a fair few turn up because Dave was well liked.”

Dave was so well thought of in fact that fellow bikers came to pay their respects from as far afield as Scotland and Devon.

The overriding impression that Dave had left was a man of unparalleled biking knowledge.

Bikers at Limey Dave's funeral NNL-160726-131914001Bikers at Limey Dave's funeral NNL-160726-131914001
Bikers at Limey Dave's funeral NNL-160726-131914001

Long-time friend Baza said: “He was a walking encyclopedia. Parts manuals and repair manuals and parts books, absolutely amazing.”

Nic added: “He was a legend in the club. If you needed to know anything Dave was the man you went to. A mine of information, just a nice guy.”

After the service the bikers planned to share Limey Dave stories and raise a glass or two and tuck into steak and chips, Dave’s favourite meal.

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