Hanwell Field travellers finally move on

Travellers at Hanwell feilds NNL-161106-122153001
Travellers at Hanwell feilds NNL-161106-122153001

A group of travellers who set up camp on Hanwell Fields, Banbury, have finally left the site.

The travellers moved onto a field near Winter Gardens Way and Rotary Way on the evening of June 9 and up to ten vehicles located themselves next to Hanwell Fields the following day.

Residents called in the police and the council after complaining of adults drinking alcohol in the children’s play park, ‘trying’ doors of parked cars and leaving excrement on public land.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said: “Residents are being chased in their cars by the travellers who arrived on Thursday on the field by Winter Gardens Way.”

“They’ve been riding quad bikes on the fields and leaving excrement on the public footpath. Several residents have been chased and intimidated by big vans.”

The resident added: “Grown ups are drinking in the kids’ park and riding quad bikes all over the estate.”

“It’s understood that travellers do come and go but to terrorise and leave terrible mess is unacceptable.”

The travellers moved from all locations on the evening of June 12. Cherwell District Council said in a statement that the land was privately owned and the matter was in now in the hands of Oxfordshire County Council.