Gruelling, tiring and fun – The Wolf Run

Banbury Citizen's Advice team at the Spring Wolf Run NNL-170413-112504001
Banbury Citizen's Advice team at the Spring Wolf Run NNL-170413-112504001

Ten representatives of Banbury’s Citizens Advice took a break from their desks to tackle one of the most gruelling cross country challenges in the UK.

The Spring Wolf Run took place on Saturday, April 8 at Welsh Road Farm, near Leamington, challenging participants to wade through chilly waters, fight their way through muddy ditches and tackle the worst mother nature could throw at them, head on.

Over 4,000 extreme competitors entered the spring race, the first of four quarterly races the Wolf Run organisation will put on this year.

Covering 10km, the cross-country run consisted of 27 energy-sapping obstacles including an 80 metre lake swim, net climbs, tunnels, wide open fields, rope climbs up slippery walls and mud, lots and lots of mud.

Chrissie Garrett, one of the competitors, said: “The first obstacles involved crawling under nets and running over tyres, and then it was wading through a lake of mud, crawling in muddy tunnels and scaling walls with ropes.

“The run was through woods, over fields, up and down mud banks and through rivers. One of the major obstacles was the 80m very cold lake through which they swam.”

The team took just over two hours to complete the run and in total have so far raised just under £1,700 for the advice centre.

Only one of the Citizens Advice team had any prior experience with this kind of physical challenge.

Chrissie Garrett said: “All of us are novices and for most, it was the first time we had ever run or tackled obstacles like this,” adding, “and possibly the last.”