Green Party to fight austerity agenda - manifesto launched for 2016 local elections

Green Party Candidates NNL-160418-122819001
Green Party Candidates NNL-160418-122819001

The North Oxfordshire Green Party has launched its local elections campaign with a promise to continue its focus on resisting the cuts agenda of the other main parties fighting for seats on May 5.

The party is fielding 30 district and parish candidates.

“Bus services are under serious attack after Oxfordshire County Council agreed swingeing cuts and the wholesale withdrawal of subsidies to rural routes,” said chairman John Haywood.

“This is marooning entire swathes of the county, leaving those without personal transport unable to do simple things like shopping and visiting friends.”

He said the Greens were concerned about the effects of austerity on the NHS and the Horton General Hospital.

“They continue to suffer under the austerity agenda imposed on us all by the Conservative government. As one of the instigators of the NHS reinstatement bill in Parliament the Green Party has always been a staunch supporter of the NHS and will stand with Banbury to resist any further degradation of services at the Horton.”

Other key issues of concern are greater provision of social housing on brownfield sites, reducing the need to build on the diminishing green belt.

“Greenfield sites need to be protected against developers as essential wildlife habitats and green spaces that everybody can continue to enjoy,” said Mr Haywood, candidate for Adderbury, Bloxham and Bodicote.

“Greens want to see Banbury thriving as a shopping centre while maintaining its essential character. Town redevelopment plans lack any real imagination in improving cultural amenities. The only people likely to benefit will be developers.”

Candidate Ian Middleton, said: “As the only party on the county council to have voted against the devastating cuts to local services agreed by every other councillor, I am proud to be standing for the Green Party in May. Greens were the only party to put forward a fully costed alternative budget that would have prevented the need for all these damaging cuts. With greater representation in local government I’m convinced we can make a positive difference to the future of everyone in North Oxfordshire.”

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