From Dubai to Mexico: Couple take over Banbury’s Lucha Burrito restaurant

The new owners of Lucha Burrito, Banbury, Thomas Sowler and Rebecca Sowler. NNL-150112-132454009
The new owners of Lucha Burrito, Banbury, Thomas Sowler and Rebecca Sowler. NNL-150112-132454009

A couple who spent five years living and working in Dubai have become the proud owners of a Banbury restaurant.

Rebecca and Thomas Sowler officially took over Lucha Burrito at the beginning of November after leaving their jobs working for an HR consultancy and as a financial analyst.

The couple had always had an interest in Mexican food and the sale of Lucha Burrito on the High Street provided them with the opportunity they needed.

Mrs Sowler said: “We decided it was something we wanted to do when we came back from Dubai. We saw this shop up for sale and thought it looked in great condition. We packed up our stuff in Dubai, left our jobs and came back and took it on.”

Running a food business isn’t a complete first for the couple – Mr Sowler, 33, has been running the Cumbrian Sausage Company since he was a student.

Mrs Sowler, 28, said burritos and Mexican food had really started to take off in the UK.

She said: “There is a huge demand for it in the UK and we decided to try to see what we could do to grow Lucha. We are keeping on the staff because they are a great team.”

Lucha Burrito has recently started serving fresh coffee, which has been a success and will introduce a delivery service in the new year.

A new Christmas burrito containing turkey, stuffing and spiced cranberry salsa will be on the menu from next week and other new flavours are being added to the menu.

The couple moved to Dubai to pursue job opportunities and originally only planned to stay for eight months.

Mrs Sowler said people had many misconceptions about the city.

She said: “I don’t think it is the Dubai that people think it is. When you live there people begin to see its quirks and its authenticity.

“It has lots of farmers’ markets there now. It has the best of the UK apart from the extraordinary heat. We have seen lots of changes while we have been there.

“We have lived the dream in Dubai and now we have set up our own little dream.”