Former Thames Valley Police officer found guilty of misconduct after sending personal messages to student during a previous role

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A former Thames Valley Police officer has been found guilty of gross misconduct after sending inappropriate messages to a student during a previous teaching role.

PC Piotr Chmurzynski, an officer in training, started his employment with the force on June 18.

During his initial training with the police, Chmurzynski was undergoing a misconduct process with his former employer, a language academy.

During this process, Chmurzynski denied both in writing and verbally that he sent personal messages to a student at the academy.

Sending the messages would have breached the terms of his employment with Thames Valley Police.

At a further meeting with his former employer, Chmurzynski then admitted sending the messages to the student, and admitted lying when he initially denied sending the messages.

At a hearing last week it was confirmed that Chmurzynski breached the standards of professional behaviour of Thames Valley Police with regards to honesty and integrity, which amounted to gross misconduct.

The College of Policing have been informed and Chmurzynski will be unable to apply to be a police officer with any other force.

Deputy Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police John Campbell, said: “Officers who represent Thames Valley Police have a duty to act with integrity and honesty.

“In this case the officer fell short of the standards required and would have been dismissed had he not already offered his resignation.”