Flooding solution sought for Bodicote

Weeping Cross, Bodicote, flooded road. NNL-170606-113550009
Weeping Cross, Bodicote, flooded road. NNL-170606-113550009

Villagers in Bodicote are hoping engineers will finally find a way to deal with a new piece of road that floods whenever it rains.

The recently installed junction of Weeping Cross, Oxford Road and the Longford Park housing estate has resulted in flooding across the road as motorists join the Oxford road at Weeping Cross.

Weeping Cross, Bodicote, flooded road. NNL-170606-113525009

Weeping Cross, Bodicote, flooded road. NNL-170606-113525009

Parish clerk Val Russell said: “This has been going on for years. The flooding goes across the road.

“They have tried things that haven’t worked. The Longfield Park developers are designing a new soakaway to deal with it.”

Oxfordshire County Council has been liaising between the developers, who are contributing large amounts of money in contributions for infrastructure costs – including roads and drainage – in and around their estate.

A county spokesman said: “The consortium of developers (Taylor Wimpey, Barratt and Bovis) at Longford Park carried out highway works at, and near Weeping Cross under a Section 278 legal agreement.

“These works resulted in an increase in surface water draining into the entrance of Weeping Cross. This area of road now floods after significant rainfall.

“Further investigation has found the existing surface water drainage system in Weeping Cross does not have the capacity to cope in heavy rain,” he said.

“A consultant working for the consortium is currently designing a soakaway to increase the capacity of the drainage system.

“Once the design is submitted to, and approved by the county council, the consortium will employ a contractor to carry out works to install the soakaway.

“There are also some relatively minor issues with the carriageway levels within the original Weeping Cross works.

“This will be resolved by the consortium in due course. But these issues would only cause some temporary shallow puddles. The county council are not aware of highway water draining onto private property.

“And we wouldn’t expect the area of highway which floods to cause interruptions to power supply,” the spokesman said.

A spokesman for the Longford Park Consortium of house builders (Taylor Wimpey, Bovis Homes and Barratt Homes) said: “The junction between Oxford Road, Longford Park and Weeping Cross was designed with the necessary surveys and information for the local area, approved by Oxfordshire County Council and implemented under a Section 278 agreement.

“The junction was installed in 2013 and until recently performed as designed without cause for concern to either the local authority or the consortium.

“Earlier this year it became apparent that the surface water network capacity had changed without influence from the consortium, and therefore we are considering what amendments can be made to this junction to aid the council in resolving its capacity issue.

“We are working closely with Oxfordshire County Council to resolve the problem as soon as possible.”