Flood protection scheme for King’s Sutton street is delayed

The Cherwell bursts its banks near Kings Sutton ENGNNL00920140601081004
The Cherwell bursts its banks near Kings Sutton ENGNNL00920140601081004

A flood alleviation scheme intended to protect 48 homes in King’s Sutton has been delayed to allow negotiations to take place with householders.

The scheme, to protect homes in the Wales Street area from flooding, was due to take place ahead of the winter, but not all of the householders affected by the project were willing to sign a legal agreement to allow the work to be carried out.

All properties affected by the proposed works have to agree t before it can proceed.

The scheme has received funding from Thames Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (RFCC) and South Northants Council. SNC has been working with residents, the local Flood Alleviation Committee, King’s Sutton Parish Council and the Environment Agency.

Dermot Bambridge, SNC’s councillor for environmental services said: “This delay could add further cost to the scheme and we must think carefully, for the sake of district council tax payers, whether we should allocate any more funding and resources to the scheme.

“This is particularly relevant as SNC is not the flood authority, as this responsibility was passed to Northamptonshire County Council some time ago.

“As SNC had originally committed funds to this scheme, we subsequently agreed to fulfil this commitment despite no longer having the legal responsibility for it. However, if any party fails to sign the documents then it is probable that the current scheme as approved and funded will not proceed. This would be a great shame for those whose houses would have been protected.

“SNC has spent considerable time and money on this project to find a solution for the benefit of the home owners affected.”

He added SNC would continue to work with the county council.