Find out which Banburyshire roads will be resurfaced this summer

A number of roads in Banburyshire will be resurfaced with an innovative technique as part of a £3.5m council project.
Road resurfacing in Oxfordshire. Photo: Oxfordshire County CouncilRoad resurfacing in Oxfordshire. Photo: Oxfordshire County Council
Road resurfacing in Oxfordshire. Photo: Oxfordshire County Council

More than half a million square metres - more than 83km - of road across Oxfordshire will be 'surface-dressed' which waterproofs and extends their lifespan.

These include Hennef Way and Ruscote Avenue in Banbury, as well as the A422 near Wroxton, the B4100 near Adderbury, country roads near Wigginton and Great Tew.

Cabinet member for environment Yvonne Constance said: “Oxfordshire County Council takes road repairs and maintenance very seriously and has put around £25m extra into fixing highways in total this and last year as part of a £120 million investment in infrastructure.

“Surface dressing is an excellent way to extend the life of roads and is cost effective. It is just one of a range of techniques that we use to improve and preserve the condition of our highways across Oxfordshire.”

As part of the surface dressing programme this year, the council will be trying out ‘surface seal’ - an additional treatment added to a newly dressed road.

This application is designed to improve the retention of the chippings and provide additional waterproofing and increased durability to prevent defects, cracks, and potholes, particularly at areas such as tight bends or junction.

The surface seal also enhances the appearance of the new surface giving a deep and uniform black which is comparative to a new asphalt surface, according to the council.

Cllr Constance explained: “As well as putting many extra millions of pounds into road repairs we are also looking at getting the most out of every pound we spend.

“That is why we have been trialling things like road recycling, techniques like Dragon patching and now 'surface seal' which has the potential to give even better and longer lasting results.”

Surface seal will be used on three sites covering approximately 10,000m2. Its performance will be monitored by engineers and, if it works as hoped, there could be more used next year.

The Banburyshire roads scheduled for resurfacing this summer:

Banbury: A422 Ruscote Avenue from Lockheed Close to Longlandes Way and A423 to Lockheed Close; A422 Hennef Way from Concorde Avenue to A423 and Ermont Way to Concorde Avenue

Enstone: A44 Radford junction to Enstone village

Great Tew: B4031 - A361- Iron Down Hill

Hook Norton: Wiggington Heath Gate to Nil Farm; Turpins Lodge to Withycombe Farm

Milcombe: Wiggington Heath to Milcombe

Wroxton: A422 Stratford Road – Wroxton to Indian Queens