Fairtrade footballs for Chipping Norton Town

The Chipping Norton squad with their new kit and footballsThe Chipping Norton squad with their new kit and footballs
The Chipping Norton squad with their new kit and footballs
Chipping Norton Town Football Club has been kitted out with Bala Fairtrade footballs and training bibs, thanks to local telecoms provider The Phone Co-op.

The balls and training bibs are made by Scottish co-operative Bala, which aims to improve the lives of factory workers in Pakistan.

The Phone Co-op chief executive Vivian Woodell, said: “We are delighted to sponsor Chipping Norton Town Football Club with new Fairtrade footballs and bibs from Bala, a fellow co-operative and the UK’s number one source for Fairtrade certified footballs.

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“When we decided to support Chipping Norton Town Football Club, it made sense to do so by partnering with Bala to supply footballs. They are made to the same standards that FIFA use and they are a co-operative like The Phone Co-op.

“Earlier this year Bala also benefited from a £15,000 investment from the Phone Co-op’s Co-operative & Social Development Fund, which helped them start up their Fairtrade sports ball project.”

Bala, whose name means “ball” in Gaelic and “strength” in Punjabi, works with manufacturers in the northern Pakistani city of Sialkot, where about 70 per cent of the world’s hand-stitched footballs are made.

Chipping Norton Town FC treasurer Adam Hunt said: “We pride ourselves on being a club that is genuinely a big part of the local community.

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“The vast majority of players live in the town and many of us have played for the club since we were youngsters.

“A lot of hard work is carried out by people at the club to try to obtain sponsorship from businesses based in the area.

“The new training kit and footballs have given everyone a huge boost and are we very proud to be wearing the Bala Fairtrade logo.”

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