Facelift for historic pond

Restoration work at Arlescote Pond
Restoration work at Arlescote Pond

Arlescote village pond has had a facelift, thanks to funding from the parish council and the Warks County Councillor’s Grant Fund.

A residents’ survey, carried out as part of the preparations for the Parish Plan showed that restoration of the pond was high on the wish list for many people.

Warmington and Arlescote Parish Council was able to find some money in its budget to dredge the pond and the initial clearance of the pond, to remove the bulrushes and silt, took place in December 2104, undertaken by contractors The OMF Partnership.

Once the pond was cleared it became obvious that the retaining stone walls had collapsed in several places over the years.

Thanks to a donation from the Warwickshire County Councillor’s Grant Fund the Parish Council was also able to repair the retaining walls. The rebuilding work was carried out by dry stone walling expert Colin Hirons, helped by local volunteer Mark Burstall. The rebuilding made use of stone recovered during the dredging operation.

Another local volunteer, Colin Smith, cleared away the duck weed which had accumulated since the original dredging of the pond at the end of last year.

Having cleared the pond and rebuilt the walls it is now possible to speculate on its original purpose. The pond is fed by spring water and has walls on three sides only. It is most likely it was originally intended as a wheel wash for farm wagons. There is another, much smaller, carriage wheel wash which is of similar construction and is located alongside Arlescote.

The restored pond will now be kept clear of weed and the Parish Council will carry out some marginal planting to help keep the water clear and improve the overall appearance.