Erin’s single a tribute to her ‘number one fan’

Singer-songwriter Erin Tiger Lilley has released a new single with all proceeds going to Katharine House Hospice.

We asked Erin, who is 15 and from Bloxham, about Save Me, released in memory of an aunt who died at the hospice in November. The single is out now on all major download sites on the 14 Records label or to buy a CD, go to:

1. Could you tell us briefly about your Auntie Karen and what she meant to you?

My Auntie Karen, who I always referred to as ‘AKA’ (Auntie Karen’s awesome) was one of my biggest inspirations in that she was always a tough cookie who overcame anything that was thrown at her. She also supported me from the word go in terms of my music and always encouraged me to push that little bit harder.

I was absolutely devastated when she passed away as my family are very close. Plus losing your number one fan leaves you a little lost.

2. The song was inspired by Our Girl. What led you to write it and what is the message behind it?

Our Girl was a TV series that got my song writing mind inspired. I was mainly focusing on the powerful friendship between the female medic and the little girl.

So it came about that I was sat on the piano, noodling around as I always do when a chord sequence came along.

I then progressed this into Save Me which was based purely on how beautiful Afganistan was despite all the war that was tearing it apart.

The main message behind the song is that something that is being torn down can still remain beautiful and strong.

3. If people have only seen you playing acoustic guitar this a very different sound with piano and rich accompaniment. How would you describe your style? Do you have any musical heroes?

Actually piano was my first instrument, I started when I was seven, though only started songwriting at about 11. I’d say my style is acoustic pop with hints of folk at times.

My favourite artist is Jessie J as I enjoy her sound and lyrics but I also like Amber Run.

4. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

When my auntie got ill, I promised her I would do something big for charity and make her proud.

Releasing a song and music video is the best way I know to help raise some money for the wonderful Katharine House Hospice.