Shipston prepares to extend attack on dog mess problem

The council hopes to convince irresponsible dog owners to dispose of dog mess properly.
The council hopes to convince irresponsible dog owners to dispose of dog mess properly.

Shipston-on-Stour Town Council is ready to extend its attack on the problem of dog mess in the town which has seen the muck painted pink.

The ‘Pink Poo campaign’ has seen councillors and volunteers out in force with the biodegradable orange and pink neon paint in an attempt to draw attention to the scale of the issue in the town while shaming irresponsible dog owners into finally reaching for their doggy bags.

Cllr Fay Ivens said dog mess was a big problem for residents across Shipston, particularly for mums, dads and children walking the pavements on the school run.

She said: “The vast majority of dog owners are responsible and pick up after their pets. Sadly, the minority are causing an unsightly and unhealthy problem for the rest of us which we’re determined to tackle.

“It is highlighting the problem. At first people did not like the paint but now they are getting on side. If they are on a school run the paint stops helps parents pushing prams and children to avoid the mess.”

Town mayor, Jackie Warner, added: “As a responsible dog owner myself, I cannot see any reason why people shouldn’t clear up after their pets.

“Our Pink Poo campaign is highlighting just how much mess is left around town and I sincerely hope it will motivate people to be more considerate to their fellow residents.”

The new campaign was created by Shipston Town Council’s general purposes working group, which had been charged with looking at a range of measures to combat the problem.

On Monday, councillors will be meeting again to discuss the possibility of creating a new banner to put up in problem areas. In addition, residents are being urged to name irresponsible dog owners. If caught, offenders face an on-the-spot fine and prosecution.