'Get your act sorted' - residents of new Banbury development complain at bin overflowing with rubbish and dog poo

Residents of a new housing area in Banbury have told developers to 'get their act sorted' over emptying of public rubbish bins that are overflowing with waste and bags of dog poo.

The bin in Hanwell Fields which had not been emptied for several weeks
The bin in Hanwell Fields which had not been emptied for several weeks

Graham and Maglalena Antrobus are two of a number of residents who have complained about the bins near Watts Road on Hanwell Fields. They say the bins - near a children's play area - are a health hazard.

The houses were built by Davidson's Homes and Cherwell District Council confirmed this week that responsibility for the public areas have not yet been transferred to Banbury Town Council.

Davidson's Homes have collected the rubbish and promised to keep on top of the bin emptying until the area is adopted by the town council.

A post on social media asking for a dog poo disposal point at the same spot on Hanwell Fields

Mr Antrobus said: "The litter is a health hazard waiting to happen and we can only hope that our youngest residents, the children of Hanwell Fields, don’t kick off 2022 by picking up serious injuries from some of the more sharp/toxic items that are littering the floor around the playground’s gates."

The residents say they first noticed in mid November that the street litter bin on the crossroads of Dukes Meadow Drive, Bannister Drive, and Nickling Road, near the entry to the playground, had not been emptied for 'a very long time.

"As a result, it was overflowing with rubbish including dog waste, broken glass and other hazardous material, which was scattered around the bin and on the pavement in front of the Nutshell," said Mr Antrobus.

"This made us worried, as the litter made the area not just unpleasant and filled with a bad smell but also potentially dangerous, especially for young children as well as for the elderly neighbours. We inspected the further area whilst walking our dogs down Dukes Meadow Drive towards Watts Road, and noticed that at least two further dustbins were in a similar state."

Cherwell District Council did empty the bin some weeks ago as a goodwill gesture but it has been confirmed that regular attention is the developer's responsibility.

A spokesperson for Davidsons Homes contacted the Banbury Guardian before Christmas and said: “After receiving reports from residents about the un-emptied bin at Hanwell Fields, we arranged for the bin to be emptied as soon as possible. This is due to take place today (Tuesday, December 21).

“We have contracted Carrier Landscapes to empty the bin on a regular basis until Cherwell District Council adopt the open space and take on this responsibility.”