Flytippers left council to foot a £250 clean-up bill

Cleaning up the rubbish cost the council in the region of �250
Cleaning up the rubbish cost the council in the region of �250

Flytippers who dumped a chest of drawers and a stool on a grass verge on the main road to Overthorpe have cost Cherwell District Council £250 in clean-up costs.

Today Friday, 22 May officers received reports of the furniture being dumped at Nethercote Lane, off the Overthorpe Road in Banbury.

An investigation is now under way to trace the culprits, with officials appealing for residents to provide any information which could identify those responsible.

Cllr Debbie Pickford, Cherwell’s new lead member for clean and green, said: “We received reports of the flytip on social media and within a few hours of receiving the complaint officers were on site clearing the furniture. Although it only takes a short amount of time to clear the rubbish from the roadside, the consequences continue long after the area is clear. Officers then have to spend time legally disposing of the furniture and investigating the offence. All of this adds up to quite a costly exercise which is funded by the taxpayers.

“We think it is wrong that innocent taxpayers have to foot the bill for the selfish actions of others so are appealing for help to trace those who are responsible so the costs can be directed back at those who deserve it.”

The flytip was reported to the council on Twitter and subsequently passed on to officers who attended the site just a few hours later. Upon arrival they found the wooden chest of drawers and stool which were painted white with ornate decoration.

I the culprit is caught the council can seek a conviction for flytipping in the magistrates’ court. If convicted, offenders can receive a maximum sentence of five years in prison, a £90,000 fine plus clean-up costs.

Anyone who may have witnessed the flytip or the furniture being transported to the site is urged to contact the council’s investigating officers on 01295 227007.