Elections 2011: Cherwell

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Labour gained two Cherwell District Council seats in yesterday’s election, but it is the Conservatives that remain in a strong position of overall control.

Labour candidates Patrick Cartledge and Andrew Beere were the big winners as they wrestled control of the Banbury Ruscote and Banbury Grimsbury and Castle wards respectively from the Conservatives.

Sixteen of the 50 seats on Cherwell District Council were up for grabs yesterday, meaning the authority is now made up of 43 Conservative, three Liberal Democrats and four Labour councillors.

Yesterday’s results, which also saw the Conservative party take control of the Bicester South ward from the Liberal Democrats, mean that Labour have replaced the Lib Dems as the official opposition party on the authority.

Full results:

Ambrosden and Chesterton

Andrew Fulljames (CoN) 718 – Elected

John Willett (Lib Dem) 257

Banbury Easington

Nigel Morris (Con) 1353 – Elected

Surinder Dhesi (Lab) 875

Katherine Chandler (Green) 247

Andy Murray (Lib Demo) 172

Banbury Grimsbury and Castle

Andrew Beere (Lab) 969 - Elected

Chris Smithson (Con) 954

Andrew Haywood (Green) 230

Kenneth Ashworth (Lib Dem) 214

Banbury Hardwick

Nicholas Turner (Con) 1035 – Elected

Sean Woodcock (Lab) 636

Stephen Hartley (Green) 197

Steve Creed (Lib Dem) 142

Banbury Ruscote

Patrick Cartledge (Lab) 1058 – Elected

Keith Strangwood (Con) 762

Tony Burns (Lib Dem) 125

Bicester East

Rose Stratford (Con) 972 - Elected

John Hanna (Lab) 641

Bicester North

Carole Steward (Con) 1013 - Elected

Kevin Walsh (Lab) 432

John Innes (Lib Dem) 275

Bicester South

Lynn Pratt (Con) 677 - Elected

Nick Cotter (Lib Dem) 550

Neil Payne (Lab) 234

Graham Newell (Green) 86

Bicester Town

Diana Edwards (Con) 852 – elected

John Broad (Lab) 557

Bicester West

Les Sibley (Lab) 1286 - Elected

James Porter (Con) 994


Ken Atack (Con) 748 - Elected

Ray Barron-Woolford (Ind) 255

Derek Evans (Lab) 163

Janice Johnson (Lib Dem) 80

Hook Norton

Victoria Irvine (Con) 686 - Elected

Perran Moon (Lab) 367

Peter Davis (Lib Dem) 119

Kidlington North

Alaric Rose (Lib Dem) 771 – Elected

Sandra Rhodes (Con) 757

Trevor Blake (Lab) 295

Alastair White (Green) 121