ELECTION 2017: Statement from UKIP candidate for the Banbury constituency Dickie Bird

UKIP candidate for Banbury constituency, Dickie Bird. NNL-170530-093957001
UKIP candidate for Banbury constituency, Dickie Bird. NNL-170530-093957001

Banbury constituency candidates have been given free rein to talk about what is important to them in our election feature.

Ahead of next Thursday’s vote, the focus is on their general policies and a variety of issues of interest to their potential constituents.

Each candidate’s statement has been published separately on the Banbury Guardian website.

Here is the statement from Dickie Bird, the parliamentary candidate for UKIP.

“Although the deliverance of Brexit is unsurprisingly very important to me, and I firmly believe a vote for UKIP on June 8 will help Brexit happen, it will ensure the government’s feet are kept to the fire. Giving the Conservatives too much of a majority especially in a so called ‘safe Tory seat’ will allow a softening of the whole Brexit approach.

“However UKIP offer considerably more with a fully costed manifesto:

“> Invest an extra £11bn per year into the NHS by the end of the next parliament.

“> Raise income tax threshold to £13,500, cut taxes for middle earners, abolish the TV Licence fee, and cut VAT on household fuel bills.

“> Maintain all pensioner benefits and the pension’s triple lock.

“> Protect disability and carers’ benefits.

“> Spend a genuine 2 per cent of GDP on defence plus £1bn every year.

“> Commission a dedicated hospital ship to assist our armed forces deliver humanitarian medical assistance worldwide.

“> Fully fund, 20,000 more police, 7,000 more prison officers and 4,000 extra border force staff.

Our country needs radical change, Brexit gives us huge potential to shake things up, and it takes a political party like UKIP to help this happen.