Election 2017: Statement from independent candidate for the Banbury constituency, Roseanne Edwards

General election candidate, independent Roseanne Edwards NNL-170523-104523001
General election candidate, independent Roseanne Edwards NNL-170523-104523001

Banbury constituency candidates have been given free rein to talk about what is important to them in our election feature.

Ahead of next Thursday’s vote, the focus is on their general policies and a variety of issues of interest to their potential constituents.

Each candidate’s statement has been published separately on the Banbury Guardian website.

Here is the statement from Roseanne Edwards, the independent parliamentary candidate.

“Labour cannot win Banbury, no matter what the national swing, and if the Conservatives are re-elected it will be too late to save the Horton and our public services.

“The Tories’ plan is to pass all public services to the profit-making sector. I am standing as the Independent – Vote For The Horton candidate because, with enough support for our hospital, NHS and public services and an honest voice on retaining protections the EU gave us, an independent with my conviction and dedication will make a real difference.

“This is our last chance to prevent Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP) that will dismantle the Horton and NHS.

“Banburyshire MPs refuse to oppose STP. I will – and will defend publicly-owned, run and accountable services, demand fair funding for education and social care, and an end to privatisation.

“This unexpected election has come at precisely the right time for us to make the impact needed if we are not to lose everyone’s security in our post-war services and welfare state.

“If the Tories are re-elected it will be ‘game over’ for the Horton. As an inpatient hospital it will be gone within a year.

“In recent times independents have had extraordinary influence. Richard Taylor in Kidderminster, because of threats to his hospital, beat ‘safe’ Labour with an 18,000 majority. And journalist Martin Bell, won ultra-safe Tatton against sleaze-embroiled Tory, Neil Hamilton.

“People will change their voting pattern for something this important. I ask you to do so next Thursday, June 8.

“An independent does not have to toe the party line but can truly represent Banbury – free of restrictions. An independent can report the truth of Westminster, not what the party ‘story’ may be.

“Help me make the breakthrough we need – vote Roseanne Edwards, Independent – Vote For The Horton.”