ELECTION 2017: Statement from Green candidate for the Banbury constituency, Ian Middleton

Ian Middleton, Banbury's parliamentary candidate for the Green Party. NNL-150402-125853001
Ian Middleton, Banbury's parliamentary candidate for the Green Party. NNL-150402-125853001

Banbury constituency candidates have been given free rein to talk about what is important to them in our election feature.

Ahead of next Thursday’s vote, the focus is on their general policies and a variety of issues of interest to their potential constituents.

Each candidate’s statement has been published separately on the Banbury Guardian website.

Here is the statement from Ian Middleton, the Green parliamentary candidate.

“The Conservatives’ vision for our local and global environment is a terrifying and miserable one.

“Not content with removing many of the initiatives promised by David Cameron in his ‘greenest government ever’ Theresa May’s personal vision is to plunder our natural resources and destroy wildlife on an industrial scale.

“As with the previous Conservative administrations, billions of taxpayers money will go to fossil fuel corporations, whilst pioneering, job creating, economically advantageous renewable energy initiatives are left unsupported.

“Fracking is well and truly back on the agenda with proposals to make drilling in your backyard ‘permitted development’ thereby removing the need for prospectors to bother with the tiresome technicalities of planning permission or local consultation before they pollute and destroy our landscape and water. And let’s not forget that large areas of North Oxfordshire are ripe and ready for the fracker’s heavy machinery.

“EU Environmental protections will likely be conveniently dropped during Brexit negotiations as the Conservatives consistently fail to meet air quality targets, leading to thousands of avoidable health problems and deaths.

“Wildlife habitats will be under threat as developers are given free rein to pave over our green belt land, whilst badgers are culled with no proven scientific justification, and foxes ripped to pieces in the name of sport.

“Not content with killing our own defenceless creatures, The Conservatives propose to remove protection for desperately endangered species such as elephants and rhinos by lifting the ban on ivory imports in response to lobbying from rich antique dealers.

“The Green Party are the only political force standing full square against this wholesale disregard for our planet and everything that lives on it. If you want your children and grandchildren to inherit a world with clean air, pure water, green spaces and diverse wildlife, you must vote Green on June 8.”