ELECTION 2017: Statement from Conservative candidate for the Banbury constituency, Victoria Prentis

Banbury Conservative MP Victoria Prentis NNL-150826-094619001
Banbury Conservative MP Victoria Prentis NNL-150826-094619001

Banbury constituency candidates have been given free rein to talk about what is important to them in our election feature.

Ahead of next Thursday’s vote, the focus is on their general policies and a variety of issues of interest to their potential constituents.

Each candidate’s statement has been published separately on the Banbury Guardian website.

Here is the statement from Victoria Prentis, Conservative candidate.

“One of the best parts of an election campaign is getting to speak to people on their doorsteps.

“The Horton General Hospital is, not surprisingly, the biggest issue for people locally. I am absolutely committed to securing its future. Acute services must remain local, and much of my time is spent ensuring that our voices are heard loud and clear in the consultation process and in Whitehall.

“Voters also want to discuss Brexit. We must focus on getting the best deal for Britain. Just 11 days after we vote, the EU will start negotiations with Britain. None of us know how the remaining member states will approach these, but a pragmatic approach is essential going forward. Getting the negotiations right is central to everything – our economy, our finances and our position in the world. I firmly believe that Theresa May is the right – and indeed only – person who is capable of securing the best possible deal for us all.

“Locally, North Oxfordshire is one of Britain’s fastest growing and most diverse business centres. We have almost no unemployment. I do think that we are well placed to make the most of the opportunities that will come from Brexit.

“The terrible attack in Manchester has also been a stark reminder for us all that national security is a priority. Bringing divided communities together is essential. I am committed to doing all I can to encourage integration within our own local area. There is still much to do. The Conservatives will bring forward a new integration strategy, which will seek to help people in more isolated communities to engage with the wider world. Personally, I think this will be an extremely important piece of work. We must triumph over hate while keeping our communities safe.”