LIVE - GCSE results and reaction from across Banbury schools

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A week after A Level students received their results from the new linear examinations GCSE students face similar uncertainty as their examinations have also undergone significant change.

Most notably is that this year the GCSE’s are reportedly a lot harder than previous exams with some content only previously taught at A or AS level.

Also the grading system has been changed from the traditional A-U to a 9 to 1 system with 9 being the equivalent of an A*.

The number of expected 9 passes is predicted to be lower then last years number of A* grades due to the increased difficulty of the GCSE’s. There is not an exact equivalency between the alphabetic grading system as the former alphabetic system with eight possible grades have been replaced with 9 numeric grades.

Therefore both a 4 and 5 will equate to a C grade, a standard pass or a pass not quite a B grade and the bottom of grade 7 is aligned with the bottom of grade A.

Will Banbury GCSE students be jumping for joy?

This year only three subjects will be assigned the new grading system, maths, English language and English literature. So students will receive a mixture of numeric and alphabetic grades this year.

Next year more subjects will be incorporated into the new system and by 2020 all subjects will be numerically graded.

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