DVLA warn of online scam

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The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have issued a warning in relation to an online scam.

Emails or messages purported to be from the Government agency alert people to the possibility of a road tax refund.

The DVLA said in a statement: “We’re aware that some members of the public are receiving emails, texts and telephone calls claiming to be from DVLA.

“Links to a website mocked up to look like a DVLA online service are sometimes included in the message.

“We don’t send emails or text messages with links to websites asking you to confirm your personal details or payment information. We strongly advise anyone who receives such a request not to open the link and delete the item.”

An example message sent by the scammers reads; ‘We would like to notify you that you have an outstanding vehicle tax refund of £104 from an overpayment.’

The message includes a link to a www.dvla.co.uk site which is not legitimate.

DVLA can only be accessed through a gov.uk web address.