Drone footage captures Banbury's unknown lake

Courtesy Marcus RobertsofHeritage DronesCourtesy Marcus RobertsofHeritage Drones
Courtesy Marcus RobertsofHeritage Drones

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The recent flooding has caused damage, closures and upset to many but with that destruction has come beauty as Heritage Drone footage shows.

The three mile long 'lake' is is just south of Banbury in Clifton, equidistant between Aynho and Deddington, and turns the small hamlet into what locals have long referred to as 'Clifton on Sea'.

Flooding in the area during the winter months goes back decades with some elder residents remembering childhood days spent skating on the lake.

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The images look north towards the causeway between Clifton and Aynho Wharf, with the floodwater going further north from there and extending south (behind the camera) about as far as Somerton.

Picture and footage courtesy of Marcus Roberts of Heritage Drones who took the spectacular shots from 400 feet.

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