Driver lucky to escape with minor injuries after leaving the M40 say Fire Crews

M40 crash site NNL-161017-094735001
M40 crash site NNL-161017-094735001

A driver has had a lucky escape after a fence post came crashing through the windscreen after the vehicle had left the motorway and careened into a field.

At about 9am on Sunday, October 16, firew crews responded to reports that a person was trapped inside a car that had left the carriageway of the M40 Motorway between Junctions 10 and 11.

Picture shows how lucky the driver was not to be injured by the fence post NNL-161017-094626001

Picture shows how lucky the driver was not to be injured by the fence post NNL-161017-094626001

The vehicle had left the carriageway and travelled through the wooden fencing, before to coming to a halt in an adjacent field.

The driver had managed to get themselves out of the vehicle with only minor injuries and was treated at the scene by South Central Ambulance Service whilst fire crews made the scene safe for other drivers.

Crew Manager Chris Battle from Kidlington Fire Station said “it is nothing short of a miracle that this driver received only minor injuries during the accident.

“When the car impacted with the fence, a fence post went through the windscreen and narrowly missed the driver.

“Fortunately there was no one else in the vehicle at the time of the accident or this could have had much more serious consequences.”

Station Manager Dave Bray, who also attended the incident said “It is likely that the inclement weather at the time had a part to play in the accident, we are grateful that the driver was not seriously hurt as a result of the accident. “The rain was very heavy at the time and had made driving conditions very treacherous.

We remind drivers to drive to the conditions of the road and adjust their speed accordingly, enabling them to clearly see the road ahead, whilst increasing the gap between themselves and the vehicle in front to give them additional time to react.”