Don’t leave your valuables on display in your car public warned

Theft from a car PPP-150413-095257001
Theft from a car PPP-150413-095257001

Don’t leave valuables in your parked car is the warning from the Banbury Neighbourhood team.

On Sunday officers and the mobile police station were at Lockheed Retail Park to offer advice to shoppers on car security and how to prevent thefts from their vehicles.

During the day more than 100 leaflets were placed on car windscreens where shoppers had left valuables, sat nav holders, mobile phones, handbags and presents on display while they shopped.

PC Ian Allen, from Banbury local neighbourhood team, said: “I was shocked by how many people left items on display.

“Lots of people thanked us as they had not thought about it before.”

Neighbourhood Sergeant Wendy Percival said “I would just like to take this opportunity to remind motorists that when they park, whether it is at home or in public,to stop and take a moment before walking away.

“I would urge people to ask themselves ‘Am I sure I have locked the vehicle? Have I left anything on display?’

“It takes seconds for an opportunist criminal to open an unsecured door and to rummage through glove boxes and seat pockets.”

For more information about how to keep your vehicle secure please see the crime prevention advice on