Dog owner told to pay £100 by council to get her pet back

Kathleen Houghton  had to pay �100 to be reunited with her dog Annie
Kathleen Houghton had to pay �100 to be reunited with her dog Annie

A Banbury pensioner has labelled Cherwell District Council ‘heartless’ after she had to pay £100 to get her pet dog back from the kennels after it went missing.

Kathleen Houghton realised her border terrier Annie went missing at the beginning of last week, and was then informed by the council’s dog warden team that Annie had been handed into the police station and then put into kennels.

But in order to get her beloved pet back, Mrs Houghton had to pay £100 to the council last Friday and is making payments each week to meet the total amount of £185.50, which included kennel charges of £67.50.

The 72-year-old from Kenilworth Way said: “I explained to the council I was a pensioner and have not got that sort of money, and everybody I have spoken to about it has said it isn’t right at all.

“The council had asked for £150 for me to even get Annie back but eventually brought it down to £100. It was similar to blackmail and heartless what they did.”

A Cherwell District Council spokesperson said: “The provision of a dog warden service is not a statutory requirement and costs of providing this service have to be recovered.

“The fee charged to Mrs Houghton reflected the four days of kennelling fees and associated care, admin charges and the statutory fine incurred because her dog was not wearing a tag.

“It is a legal requirement for all dogs, even those which are microchipped, to wear an identity tag when in public.

“Cherwell proactively tries to reduce the risk of owners incurring kennelling charges by offering a free dog registration service .”