Doctors at Banbury surgery end their contracts and close village branch

South Bar Surgery, Banbury
South Bar Surgery, Banbury

Banbury’s Horsefair surgery will be closing its Middleton Cheney branch from Monday, October 3, while GPs from the main surgery have given notice to terminate their contracts.

In a joint letter to the surgery’s 17,400 patients, doctors Jonathan Williams, Angela Alcock and Liz Dawson said several of their GPs had left due to retirement or ill health and they had struggled to recruit new GPs.

They said: “We are not alone in this. Across the country GP services are under significant pressure because of rising demand and difficulties in recruitment.”

But, they added it would be ‘business as usual’ at the surgery while the NHS looked for a new contract holder.

“We will not be closing our doors at South Bar House and we will continue to provide services to you until the time comes to hand over smoothly to the new provider of healthcare here at South Bar House, Banbury,” the letter said. “We will, however be closing Middleton Cheney Branch Surgery from Monday, October 3 – at least for the foreseeable future.”

The closure of the Middleton Cheney surgery is so the main surgery has all clinicians working under one roof so the workload is evenly distributed. It is also to meet growing demand as the surgery loses GPs.

Middleton Cheney residents who wish to remain patients of Horsefair have been advised they will have to travel the three miles to Banbury for appointments. The alternative is to move to a Brackley surgery and be treated by the Northants Primary Care Trust.

A spokesman from the NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit said: “Partner GPs at Horsefair Surgery in Banbury have given notice to terminate their contract to provide GP medical services.

“The surgery will continue to provide services and patient care won’t be affected. The CCG and NHS England are currently working with the practice to support staff and to secure future services from South Bar House.”