Developers behind 68 homes for Brackley to provide more than £1 million towards schools and health

Field View development masterplan PNL-160208-165626001
Field View development masterplan PNL-160208-165626001

Developers who have received planning permission to build 68 new homes in Brackley are to provide more than £1 million to mitigate the impact of the development.

On Thursday South Northants Council’s development control committee gave the green light to Mintondale Developments Ltd for the homes, which will be built on land to the south west of Field View.

The decision is subject to the completion of a satisfactory section 106 developer contribution agreement, and calculation of the Community Infrastructure Levy, a planning charge which allows local authorities to deliver facilities to support development in their areas.

The developer contribution will include around £650,000 towards schools, doctors’ surgeries, a town centre fund for Brackley, play equipment, an upgrade to off-site sports pitches and maintenance, and improved pedestrian links to the site.

SNC received 63 objections plus a further five letters.

Roger Clarke, SNC’s councillor for planning and environment said: “Members understand why local residents had hoped this land would remain as a green buffer to the town.

“However, with the development at Turweston Road South not yet under way, the council is under pressure to fulfil its housing obligation for Brackley as laid down in the joint core strategy, and continue to maintain a five-year housing land supply as required by government policy.

“With a widely accepted national crisis in housing, SNC must do its bit, but it is also right and proper that communities receive support to alleviate the impact of that development.

He added the council would make sure further proposals would protect the character of Brackley.

Residents’ concerns included an increase in traffic for the town, although Northants County Council Highways Authority raised no objections.

Local people also said the land was used by dog walkers and to watch wildlife, but Mintondale said apart from a path which will be unaffected by the development, there are no public rights across the rest of the land.

Forty per cent of the homes will be affordable and for people with a connection to the district. It is also estimated around £450,000 will be paid to SNC by the government via the New Homes Bonus (NHB).

The land will be sold to a housing developer who would need to submit further planning applications to agree full details of the development.