Daughter finds dead body

THE body of a father-of-two, who hanged himself in the garage of his family home, was discovered by his daughter, an inquest has heard.

Frederick Aris, of Wodhams Drive, Brackley, had suffered from severe anxiety problems for many years, which first began when he served in the armed forces.

The 57-year-old was found dead in the home he shared with his wife and two daughters on December 30 - the day after his birthday.

Only days before Mr Aris, who was known as John, and his wife Gillian had decided to separate after they had experienced marriage problems.

During the inquest at Northampton General Hospital last Wednesday, Mrs Aris, who had been married to her husband for 27 years, said: "He experienced anxiety problems and mood swings which started while he was working in the armed forces.

"He was treated by his GP and received counselling.

"But the anxiety would come and go over the years. Generally he was an unhappy person."

The inquest heard that shortly before his death, Mrs Aris asked her husband for a separation to which he reluctantly agreed.

On December 30, Mr Aris's daughter Claire went downstairs to see where her father was and, when she opened the door to the garage, discovered her father hanging dead.

Mrs Aris said her husband had spoken numerous times over years about killing himself, the last of which had been a few months before his death.

Recording a verdict of suicide, coroner Anne Pember said "I am entirely satisfied he made a firm resolve that he no longer wished to live and killed himself."