Dad’s fears over blood found on Banbury park equipment

Moorfield Park, Grimsbury, Banbury. NNL-171024-124750009
Moorfield Park, Grimsbury, Banbury. NNL-171024-124750009

A new resident to Banbury has called for a clean-up of the area around a local park after his young daughter made contact with blood.

The 21-month-old daughter of Jack Barton, from West Street, went towards the gym equipment in Moorfield Park while out with her family when blood was found to be covering the end of some of the pieces.

Moorfield Park, Grimsbury, Banbury. NNL-171024-124827009

Moorfield Park, Grimsbury, Banbury. NNL-171024-124827009

Unfortunately, she made contact with the blood and her parents had to take her to hospital for tests.

He said: “The state of the area is disgusting. I have seen needles and all sorts of things.

“It is worrying this sort of thing is going on. There has also been anti-social behaviour around the park.

“I don’t know where the blood came from – it could have been from someone shooting up.

“There are lots of families here and we should be able to walk around the park without worrying about playing in someone else’s blood.”

A spokesman for Banbury Town Council said: “The matter was reported to us and was dealt with straight away.

“Incidents like this can happen anywhere at any time, and we rely to a great extent on members of the public telling us when things are not as they should be.

“The town council inspects all of its parks and recreational facilities on a regular basis but incidents can happen between inspections, and that is why we ask the public to be our eyes and ears. The council always responds immediately to information received.”

Banbury Town Council controls 120 parks, open spaces and sports grounds which include 66 play areas and outdoor gyms.