VIDEO: Woman jailed for illegally importing sick puppies after 14-month Thames Valley Police investigation

A puppy seller who imported ‘scores’ of sick border collies from a puppy farm in Ireland before passing them off as a homebred has been jailed thanks to a 14-month investigation by Thames Valley Police and the RSPCA.

Helen Kay Moorey, 55, claimed the puppies were bred from her own two adult border collies and claimed they were vet checked, de-flead and wormed.

The border collies were extremely ill and required urgent medical care

She sold the dogs through the alias Helen Costello and her customers were left with puppies who were extremely ill and required urgent medical care.

An investigation by Thames Valley Police and the RSPCA spent 14 months collecting evidence of Moorey’s wrongdoing.

In this video taken by police the adorable puppies can be seen in a filthy yard and behind a shed door where they were kept in the dark.

It is not clear how many puppies were involved in the scam, but it is feared the number may run into the dozens.

Last Wednesday the puppy seller, who hails from Swindon, was found guilty of five counts of fraud by false representation and was handed eight weeks in prison at Reading Magistrates Court.

Sergeant Alan Hawkett said: “Moorey, who also sold animals through the name of Helen Costello, preyed on honest, animal-loving members of the public for her own financial gain.

“She had no regard for the safety and wellbeing of the animals in her care or the impact emotionally and financially on those that purchased the puppies.

“We have released footage of the warrant we executed on Moorey’s property.

“During the warrant DNA evidence was obtained from the adult dogs being kept at the property by Moorey.

“This was then compared with the puppies bought by members of the public and it was found they were not bred from the adult dogs owned by Moorey.

“This evidence led to Moorey’s conviction.”

Sergeant Hawkett added: “We would advise anyone who wishes to purchase a dog, to research the seller and only purchase from an established breeder.”

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