Update: 'Misuse of Drugs Act' warrants served at hotel in Brackley

Officers from multiple agencies served 'Misuse of Drugs Act' warrants at a hotel in Brackley this morning, Friday May 28.

By Matt Elofson
Friday, 28th May 2021, 4:15 pm

Following concerns raised by the public officers from the Northamptonshire Police Rural Crime Team, neighbourhood police, response and licensing have conducted warrants under the Misuse of Drugs Act at The Crown Hotel in Market Place, Brackley this morning, Friday May 28.

During the warrants two men were found in possession of cannabis and will be dealt with via out of court processes.

A spokesperson for the South Northamptonshire Police said a community disposal is the first step on the ladder prior to the criminal justice system.

Follow up enquiries will continue by the police and local authority licensing in partnership to address the overall use of the building.

A spokesperson for South Northamptonshire Police added: "The warrants came about due to the public raising concerns re drugs at the premises and potential breaches of Covid."

Shaun Melson the general manager for The Crown Hotel in Brackley issued the following statement about the drugs warrants: "We can confirm that a warrant was issued to search the premises. The public areas and a couple of rooms were searched.

"As a hotel we do not tolerate any illegal substances being used within the hotel.

Police executed a 'Misuse of Drugs Act' warrant at The Crown Hotel in Brackley this morning, Friday May 28

"A small amount of cannabis was found in a guest room, which we are led to believe was for personal use.

"Unfortunately we cannot control what guests do in their rooms, however we can assure you that we have a zero-tolerance policy and this particular guest has been asked to leave, as will any others in the future.

"We are not aware of the two men being dealt with."