Travellers move onto Hanwell Fields

Travellers at Dukes Meadow Drive, Banbury. NNL-170718-123812009
Travellers at Dukes Meadow Drive, Banbury. NNL-170718-123812009

Up to 30 traveller vehicles have moved onto a field adjacent to the Hanwell Fields housing estate almost a year to the day travellers were moved on from a similar location.

Towards the end of last week the convoy of cars, vans and caravans moved onto a privately owned piece of land across Duke Meadows Drive opposite Winter Gardens Way.

Last year travellers had moved onto a council owned piece of land within the same area and were moved on within 48 hours.

Cllr Tony Illot, Cherwell District Councillor for Banbury Hardwick, said: “This year it is a slightly different situation as they are on privately owned land. The land owner will have to file a Section 60 notice with the police.
He added: “I have spoken to the land owner’s wife and they are aware of the situation. I am in touch with CDC and PC Batty from Banbury Police Station.

“The traveller liaison officer has been informed and we are up to speed with the situation and doing everything we can but the land owner needs to contact police.”
The exact day of the travellers arrival is not known with some residents saying they have been aware of them for four or five days with another noticing them move in a week ago.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous said: “They’ve been here the best part of a week. You can hear dogs and generators at night but no problems so far, touch wood.”

More information as we get it.