Thieves smash car windows to steal property from cars parked in lay-bys near Banbury

Thieves have targeted property in cars parked in country lay-bys near Banbury.

By Roseanne Edwards
Wednesday, 29th June 2022, 10:34 am
Updated Wednesday, 29th June 2022, 10:47 am
A car in the small lay-by at the gate of Broughton Castle with a smashed window after a break in
A car in the small lay-by at the gate of Broughton Castle with a smashed window after a break in

A victim, who lost a rucksack, house keys and his wallet containing his driving licence, said he was told the council could not pay for CCTV for the vulnerable areas.

The man, who lives in Banbury, had parked at the Giant’s Cave lay-by, on Thursday, June 16 to walk over the bridleways. When he returned his Mercedes car window had been smashed and his belongings stolen.

"The back offside window of our car was smashed and my rucksack taken while on a walk. We were parked in the little lay-by just after the Saltway Farm Shop on Broughton Road. We park there all the time to go walking and were shocked to return to a smashed car.

"The police think someone may have been watching us. There were two other cars in the lay-by at time of parking. My wallet including bank card and driving licence and house keys were taken. We want others using this busy lay-by to be careful. We'll never return.

"We also park in the castle car park as well as the surrounding lay-bys, and it just so happens that a few days after our break in my partner was just coming back from a when he noticed another car with a smashed window.

"This time this was near the gatehouse to Broughton Castle in the small lay-by. The police have since told us that there are aware of a gang committing this type of crime in the area.

"We have now had all the house locks changed and reported my stolen licence to DVLA and got my bank card cancelled and replaced. None of these areas are covered by CCTV. The Police said they have appealed to the council but they don't have the funds to put cameras up. It would be good to make people aware.”A Thames Valley Police spokesperson said: “We received a report of a theft from a vehicle on Broughton Road, Banbury, at around 7.55pm on June 16.

“At around 6.10pm, the victim, a man in his forties, reported a window of his car had been smashed and a bag stolen from the rear of the car.

“Following an investigation, the report was filed pending further information coming to light.

“Anyone with further information should call 101 or make a report on our website, quoting reference number 43220264138.

“Alternatively, provide information anonymously to independent charity Crimestoppers by calling 0800 555 111 or via its website.”

A spokesperson for Cherwell District Council said: “Cherwell District Council contributes over £110,000 a year towards CCTV systems in the district. The systems, which are operated by Thames Valley Police, are focussed on town centres and urban areas in the busiest parts of north Oxfordshire.

"CCTV is only one option for reducing crime and we are not aware of any specific request to extend the CCTV networks to Giant’s Cave and the entrance of Broughton Castle.

"We would actively consider any request to do so if this was felt to be an effective deterrent against crime and this would include weighing up factors such as cost implications and power supply to the locations.”