Police seize more than 40 knives across Oxfordshire, including at least one in Banbury during campaign against knife crime - Op Sceptre

Police seized more than 40 knives and 'bladed articles' across Oxfordshire, including one Banbury as part Operation Sceptre - a national campaign against knife crime.

Friday, 7th May 2021, 11:52 am

During the week-long operation police also seized a large knife from a home in Banbury during a drugs investigation which saw a 15-year-old boy arrested by police.

A 15 year old boy was arrested on suspicion of drug supply, and the knife was located by officers conducting a search of his bedroom.

Banbury Police took to social media about the incident posting a picture of the knife. The message posted on the TVP Cherwell Facebook page said: "We wouldn't normally choose to post such images as we don't wish to glamorise or encourage the carrying of these weapons.

"However, this is the stark reality of what we can sometimes be facing, and we need to educate our young people around the dangers of carrying a knife.

"Op Sceptre is a National Week of Action where police forces across the country join together to raise awareness of knife crime and actively target those we suspect to be carrying them.

"Parents - we encourage you to have the difficult conversations with your children. Talk to them about the dangers of carrying a knife and highlight to them that the vast majority of children do not feel the need to carry one.

"It is not cool and it is not a fashion accessory. Make them realise that their chances of becoming a victim of knife crime increases just by carrying one. Let them know that they have a choice when it comes to carrying a knife, even if they feel they do not.

Knife seized by police from a home in Banbury during Op Sceptre (Image from TVP Cherwell's Facebook page)

"It is important we encourage young people to look out for their friends. If they know people who are carrying knives encourage them to tell a trusted adult, be that a parent, family member or teacher."

Police seized a total of 44 knives or 'bladed articles' across Oxfordshire as part of the operation.

Op Sceptre ran from Monday April 26 to Sunday May 2. Knife amnesty bins were placed into 11 police stations across the Thames Valley, allowing members of the public to dispose of unwanted knives safely, in order to prevent them from finding their way onto the streets.

Overall, more than 250 knives and bladed articles were handed in throughout the week across the TVP area.

Thames Valley Police officers (Image from TVP website)

If you are worried that someone you know is using violence or is carrying a knife, please report it. We can then take the necessary steps to safeguard them and identify those responsible.

If you need to report a knife related crime to police, please report it to us online via our website, call 101 or dial 999 in an emergency if there is an immediate danger to life.

Assistant Chief Constable Christian Bunt, force lead for Operation Sceptre, said: “Thames Valley Police is wholly committed to reducing the threat of knife crime within our communities.

“Operation Sceptre is a national week of action that highlights our work to tackle this crime type, however it is important to stress that our work continues beyond this week of action.

A knife bin was placed outside the Banbury Police Station during the week-long campaign against knife crime

“The public have an important part to play also in helping to keep knives off our streets. They can help us as additional eyes and ears in our fight against serious violence and knife crime. By making a report to us you could help save a life.”