Pilot found guilty of murdering estranged wife in village near Banbury

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A former airline pilot has been found guilty of murdering his estranged wife in a fit of rage in a small village near Banbury last year.

At Warwick Crown Court today (Wednesday, May 23), a jury found Andrew McIntosh, guilty of murdering Patricia McIntosh at her home in Knightcote, Warwickshire, on November 15, 2017.

Patricia McIntosh. Photo courtesy of SWNS.com

Patricia McIntosh. Photo courtesy of SWNS.com

The 54-year-old man, of Woolscott, Warwickshire, claimed he did not mean to kill her and pleaded not guilty, saying it was manslaughter due to him having diminished responsibility at the time.

In a statement, Patricia’s family, said: “We’d like to thank the police and Crown Prosecution Service for their professionalism and determination to get the right outcome for Patricia.

“We still don’t understand and accept how or why this happened and why he has put us through a trial; he had the choice to do the right thing and plead guilty. He has shown no remorse.

“No sentence is long enough and no sentence will bring her back.

“We will continue to go on with our lives and make her proud, as we were of her. She is always with us.

“We ask for privacy and the opportunity to try and heal in peace.”

On that evening, Andrew McIntosh went to their marital home on Grass Yard, Knightcote, to discuss the sale of the property.

Patricia repeatedly asked him to leave, but Andrew McIntosh ignored her pleas and consumed with anger he beat her to death, striking her multiple times to the head with punches, kicks, and a saucepan.

He then drove home and drank a bottle of wine, leaving Patricia to die from her injuries.

Friends of Andrew McIntosh reported their concerns to police who attended the property where they discovered Patricia, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officers circulated details of Andrew McIntosh’s vehicle and he was stopped at 9.45pm near Rugby and arrested.

Following the verdict, Detective Sergeant Gareth Unett, said: “Andrew McIntosh claimed he didn’t know what he was doing and that he was not culpable for his actions.

“However, the jury saw him for what he is, a violent manipulative man.

“Following their separation he had the arrogance to believe he could continue to control Patricia.

“Andrew McIntosh went to the house that night with the intention of getting his own way; when he didn’t, he beat Patricia to death.

“This wasn’t a moment of madness, this was a ferocious and sustained attack that left Patricia with multiple injuries to her head and body.

“Throughout the investigation police have spoken to many people, all of whom describe Patricia as a beautiful, kind, caring woman. She was much loved by her friends and family.

“It is clear no punishment can put right the pain Andrew McIntosh has caused them.”

Andrew McIntosh will be sentenced tomorrow (Thursday).