Jewellery stolen in Wigginton raid


Police have appealed for help in the search for burglars who made off with cash and jewellery from a property in Wigginton.

The police rural team reported: "A Burglarly has taken place in Wigginton. A property was broken into and valuables stolen including cash, jewellery, bank cards and mobile phones as well as the occupant's vehicle.

"The incident took place between between July 18 - 29. The offenders gained access to the property through a side window and once inside, various valuables were stolen/ No electrical items such as tablets and consoles, were stolen.

"The suspects exited via the rear door using the keys found in the property and then stole the aggrieved's vehicle, which has since been found burnt out."

Anyone with any information that might be useful to the police investigation should call 101, quoting reference: 43190231465.

Thames Valley Police offer the following advice to prevent burglary at your own home.

They say: "You can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of burglary by taking a few simple steps:

When going out, remember to light up your home using timer switches or a TV simulator. Don't leave valuables or cash on display and store your house and car keys away from your letterbox.

Move bins away from any side gates to prevent easy access into your property. Lock any tools away to prevent them being used to break into your home.

Consider fitting a motion activated external light or installing a CCTV system. Finally, mark your valuables using a UV pen and register them on the national property register at For more burglary prevention advice please visit our website at