'How could they do this to us?' Fresh Anne Sacoolas revelations leave Harry Dunn family calling for 'scandal' inquiry

Bereaved Northamptonshire campaigners never told by Government that Anne Sacoolas was a CIA agent, according to claims in national newspaper

Harry Dunn's family wants a public inquiry into the 'scandal' surrounding the Northamptonshire teenager's death after the latest revelations about his alleged killer.

Anne Sacoolas used to be a CIA agent, according to the Mail on Sunday, which was apparently well-known in Whitehall but the victim's family were never told.

The American woman's history may help to explain why her government refused to extradite her to face her charge of causing death by dangerous driving over the crash near Croughton.

Harry Dunn's family with their spokesman Radd Seiger (third from left)

Harry's mother Charlotte Charles said: "How could they do this to us? We have thrown ourselves into building relationships with the Government despite the terrible way they were treating us.

"We believe in giving people a second chance. But I am livid and my family are full of anger. How could they keep this from us?"

Harry, 19, died in hospital after his motorcycle was involved in a collision with Sacoolas' Volvo, which she has admitted was on the wrong side of the road, on August 27.

She initially co-operated with police but then told officers she had diplomatic immunity before flying back to the States a few weeks later, refusing to come back.

Harry Dunn

The Home Office asked the US State Department to send her back after being charged by the Crown Prosecution Service but the Americans rejected the request.

Harry's family, from south Northamptonshire, say they were misled and abandoned by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) at first but had built up a relationship since the General Election.

However, Sunday's revelation has ruined their trust in the authorities once again - an FCO spokesman said Sacoolas was notified to them as a spouse with no official role.

Family spokesman Radd Seiger said: "The time for talk is over. I now call for a timetabled action plan detailing what this government is going to do to bring Anne Sacoolas back.

Harry Dunn's mother Charlotte Charles with his father Tim Dunn in the foreground

"If the simple truth is that they are totally powerless to do so, then they should say so now.

"Harry’s friends and supporters as we know are ready to take matters into their own hands in order to protect their own lives and those of UK citizens as well as their rights."

Mr Seiger wants a public inquiry 'into who knew what and when in Government and into the deplorable manner in which this family have been treated'.

Boris Johnson has also come under fire for continuing to ignore requests from the family to meet and answer their questions as the prime minister.

Mrs Charles said: "We are determined to make sure that this never happens to another family again.

"I do not know what the Government think they are doing or why they are treating us the way they are.

"It is an absolute scandal and I know Radd is calling for a full public enquiry and an action plan from the Government.

"We will not rest until Anne Sacoolas is back and we have secured the safety of the nation in so far so-called diplomats committing crimes here in the UK is concerned."