Harry Dunn's twin brother: 'You just try and focus on the good rather than the bad but that's hard to do'

Niall Dunn gives emotional interview ahead of six-month anniversary of Northamptonshire tragedy

By Jack Duggan
Friday, 21st February 2020, 11:07 am

Harry Dunn's twin brother has spoken about how losing 'a second half of yourself' has affected him ahead of the Northamptonshire tragedy's six-month anniversary.

Niall Dunn says he still pictures the Cobblers fan in the moments after the fatal crash, which has led to an international campaign for justice, he told ITV Anglia.

"Not many people have a twin, this is a part of you, it's not just your brother, this is literally a second half of yourself," he said.

Harry Dunn

"When you think of him, it's not him smiling, it's him in a ditch, broken and bruised and screaming and you can't not picture that, because that is what happened.

"So, you just try and focus on the good rather than the bad but that's hard to do."

Harry, 19, died in hospital after being involved in a crash with Anne Sacoolas' Volvo while riding his motorcycle near RAF Croughton in August 2019.

The American woman flew back to the United States despite admitting to being on the wrong side of the road and co-operating with police.

Harry's family have sought to raise awareness of the scandal, leading to meetings with US President Donald Trump in the Oval Office and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

Sacoolas is charged with causing death by dangerous driving but the American government rejected an extradition application so the victim's family continues to call for justice.

Niall told ITV Anglia: "It means we're not grieving for Harry, we're fighting and we're talking about it and yes it helps in some ways in that we're still here, we're still going.

"But it doesn't leave much time for you to really grieve until it's 11 o'clock and you're trying to put your head down."

Harry's friends Cuan Allen and Connor Brain also spoke to ITV Anglia about how much they miss their pal, who they often used to play video games with.

On the family's campaign, Cuan said: "It does take the sting out of it a little bit because you know you're fighting for a good cause.

"But, obviously, it's never going to bring him back, but you've just got to keep on fighting because it's never going to stop until she's brought to justice."

Near-misses with cars seemingly from the RAF base used by the US Air Force on the wrong side of the road continue to be reported, with the latest earlier this month.

Connor said the American service personnel in the area 'must be deluded' by driving on the right-hand-side as it is so dangerous and widely reported.

"What are you going to achieve? You're just going to kill someone else and it's just going to make all of your jobs a lot harder, why don't you just think before you do something," he told ITV Anglia.