Harry Dunn's family 'could meet Northamptonshire teen's alleged killer face-to-face' following US court ruling

Judge gives go-ahead for civil case forcing Anne Sacoolas to give her account of fatal crash in 2019

Cobblers fan Harry Dunn died following a collision near RAF Croughton in Aprilk 2019
Cobblers fan Harry Dunn died following a collision near RAF Croughton in Aprilk 2019

Harry Dunn’s family could meet their son's alleged killer face-to-face for the first time following a US court ruling, it has been reported.

Harry's mother, Charlotte Charles, father Tim Dunn and twin brother Niall Dunn have reportedly been given the go-ahead to proceed with a civil claim for damages against Anne Sacoolas and her husband Jonathan by a judge in Virginia.

The family's spokesman Radd Seiger described the judgment as a victory for "common sense".

President Joe Biden blocked a campaign by Harry's mum Charlotte Charles to get Anne Sacoolas to face justice in Northamptonshire

National newspapers have reported that unless there is a settlement outside court, the next legal step would be a 'deposition' in which Sacoolas and her husband would be forced to give their account of events when 19-year-old Harry died following a collision near RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire in August 2019.

The Dunn family would have the option to attend the deposition.

Their spokesman Radd Seiger was quoted as saying that Harry's family were "very pleased" at the ruling and that their claims have been allowed to proceed in full.

He said they were also pleased that Mr Sacoolas will also have to be deposed and that the family would finally get a full account of what happened on the night Harry died.

Mr Seiger said that "common sense has prevailed".

Mrs Sacoolas, 43, left the UK three weeks after a crash involving her car and a bike ridden by Cobblers fan Harry outside the US Air Force base at Croughton.

Northamptonshire Police charged the American with causing death by dangerous driving but Home Office extradition requests were rejected by the US president Donald Trump last year — a decision reinforced by Joe Biden following his election win.

The US Government asserted diplomatic immunity on behalf of 43-year-old Sacoolas following the road crash which killed Mr Dunn outside RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire in August 2019.

The family's Justice4Harry campaign has sparked interest around the globe.

Laws in the in the Alexandria of Virginia mean Mr Sacoolas could also be liable for Harry's death by allowing his wife to use the car which killed him.

Judge Thomas Ellis told Sacoolas’ lawyer, John McGavin, he “would probably have read the case a little bit differently” if the pre-trial “discovery” of evidence was “easier to come by”.