Harry Dunn family 'sickened' by Anne Sacoolas driving again as they team up with Epstein accusers

American woman charged with causing death by dangerous driving 'carrying on as if the crash in Northamptonshire never happened' says spokesman.

The American woman accused of killing Harry Dunn has come under fresh criticism from the Northamptonshire family after being pictured driving again.

Anne Sacoolas was also seen shopping and filling up her car at a petrol station in Virginia while the bereaved family joined forces with Jeffrey Epstein's alleged victims in their campaign for justice.

Harry's family's spokesman, Radd Seiger, said it was galling that she was carrying on her life as if the tragic crash near Croughton in August died never happened.

Harry Dunn's family spokesman Radd Seiger with Lisa Bloom and one of her clients, Kiki, who claims she was sexually assaulted by Jeffrey Epstein, at a joint press conference in New York City. Photo: Getty Images

"Neither the family nor the millions of people around the world who support them are going to accept that for a second. Anne Sacoolas cannot run from justice," he told the Daily Mail.

Sacoolas is charged with causing death by dangerous driving and admitted to driving on the wrong side of the road before the fatal crash on August 27.

But the 42-year-old mother refuses to come back to the UK to face trial and the United States government rejected an extradition application from the Home Office.

In New York City yesterday (Wednesday, February 5), Mr Seiger held a joint press conference with Ms Bloom and Kiki, a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by the disgraced financier.

Harry Dunn

They jointly called on Sacoolas and Prince Andrew, who denies not working with the Epstein investigators in the US, to co-operate with the authorities in the name of justice. Prince Andrew has denied any wrongdoing throughout the investigations.

During the press conference, Ms Bloom said: “Today we stand with the family of Harry Dunn and they stand with us.

"Both Mrs Sacoolas and Prince Andrew must cooperate with law enforcement. I call upon my government, the US, to return Mrs Sacoolas to the UK to face justice”.

Mr Seiger said he contacted Ms Bloom after realising 'there was a common thread running between these cases', involving teenagers and diplomatic relations.

Harry Dunn's family spokesman Radd Seiger. Photo: Getty Images

“It’s about evasion of justice. These are the two greatest allies in the world and they follow a rules-based system," he said.

“We all break the rules from time to time but we don’t get to walk away and hide.”

Meanwhile, Mr Seiger was left dismayed after a meeting with a legal officer at the UN to discuss the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 1961, which is the basis of Sacoolas' diplomatic immunity case.

Harry's family believe the convention is outdated and needs to be reviewed to make sure no other diplomats or their spouses can commit crimes with impunity.

Harry Dunn's family. (L-R) Bruce Charles, Charlotte Charles, Ciaran Charles, Radd Seiger, Tim Dunn and Tracey Dunn

But before the meeting, the spokesman was told the UN Secretary-General had no lawful competence to get involved as it is a matter for member states to address.

"The parents are disappointed and do not understand why the body that convened Vienna would not take the lead in calling for a new convention," he said.

"It, therefore, remains the case that any diplomat, anywhere in the world, is free to commit serious crimes with impunity.

"The parents will not be deterred from their noble mission."