Five people issued Covid fines in Shipston over the weekend

While the majority of people are sticking to the rules, there are still a few who are breaching the Covid regulations

Despite the Covid restrictions being in place for weeks, people are still picking up fines for breaching the orders.

Several people in Shipston were among nearly a dozen who were issued fines across South Warwickshire over the Valentine's Day weekend. And one Bed and Breakfast in Warwick even opened up for guests.

Five people received Covid-19 lockdown breach fines after an incident in Shipston over the weekend.

Five people issued Covid fines in Shipston from the weekend

Police issued fines to five people yesterday Sunday February 14 after it was learned they had gathered at a house in Telegraph Street, Shipston.

A police spokesperson said: "While the number of infections in Warwickshire continues to fall and the vaccination programme is well underway, it is still important that everyone continues to follow the measures in place to protect us from the virus at this time.

"Most people in Warwickshire continue to follow the rules and we thank them for their efforts. However, we do continue to see some people deliberately putting themselves and others at risk."