Complaints over anti-social drivers speeding around Banbury

Paul Shepley, of Ruscote Avenue, is complaining about anti-social driving in Banbury. NNL-181007-095158009
Paul Shepley, of Ruscote Avenue, is complaining about anti-social driving in Banbury. NNL-181007-095158009

Neighbours are complaining about being disturbed by anti-social motorists with loud engines and exhausts racing around Banbury at all hours.

Many roads have been named as being used by the noisy drivers including the dual carriageways, retail parks and industrial estates.

Police say they are regularly patrolling areas of concern and have been issuing notices to drivers causing ‘alarm, distress or annoyance’.

But Ruscote Avenue resident Paul Shepley says more needs to be done to tackle the problem as car drivers and motorcyclists are finding more ways to make noise.

“I don’t think it’s a new problem but it seems to be on the increase,” he said.

“I work nights so they often keep me up in the afternoon when I’m trying to sleep. But also for parents trying to get kids to sleep it must be annoying.”

I don’t think it’s a new problem but it seems to be on the increase.

Paul Shepley

Roads included in the complaints were Ruscote Avenue, Middleton Road, Sinclair Avenue, Hennef Way, Woodgreen Avenue, Orchard Way, Oxford Road, George Street, Hightown Road, Ermont Way and others.

Mr Shepley said he regularly sees cars and motorbikes speeding on his walk to work and fears a disaster is waiting to happen.

The employee at Paintbox said he has taken his concerns to police, as well as licence plates he has noted, but was told officers were busy and has not heard back since.

“It won’t take long but it would be a shame if it has to get to that point [an accident] for the police to intervene and start tackling the problem,” he said.

Thames Valley Police officers in Banbury have tweeted a number of times over the past year about anti-social behaviour from motorists, including a red Fiat Stilo driving erratically down Middleton Road on July 1, and patrols at Banbury Gateway.

Neighbourhood policing Sergeant Becky Fishwick, based in Banbury, urged the community to help police.

“The neighbourhood team has issued three Section 59 notices in the last month which is a warning given to drivers if they are reported to have used their vehicle in a manner which causes ‘alarm, distress or annoyance’,” she said.

“In cases in which vehicles have been driven or used in an anti-social manner, we are working with the community safety team at Cherwell District Council and considering use of anti-social behaviour legislation to provide a long term resolution to these issues.

“Thames Valley Police is completing regular patrols of the areas identified where there is a persistent problem.

“We would encourage the local community to continue to report these incidents of anti-social behaviour, ideally whilst they are taking place in order that, where possible, we can respond at the time.”

On social media, many more people shared their frustrations about drivers of all ages speeding around town, many with modified exhausts and engines which amplify the sound.

Hayley King said: “Absolutely. As a Ruscote Avenue resident its an absolute nightmare in the summer when we have to have all the windows shut at night in order to get some sleep due to people racing up and down.”

Natércia Rodrigues-Lopes added: “Get the same problem past George Street. Every darned night!”

While Lee Parker wrote: “I saw an elderly lady in a Vauxhall Astra VXR she must have been 80 and she was doing about 60 down Springfield Avenue. It’s not just young people who speed around Banbury.”

To report incidents of anti-social driving, call the 24-hour Thames Valley Police enquiry centre on 101.