Closure orders issued for two Banbury properties

Oxford Magistrates Court has issued Closure Orders for two properties in Banbury where police served drugs warrants last week.

Thames Valley Police arrested five people last week as a result of serving three 'Misuse of Drugs Act' warrants in Banbury on Wednesday May 19.

Following on from the three simultaneous warrants in Banbury last Wednesday, Oxford Magistrates Court have issued Closure Orders in respect to an address in Evenlode and Ferriston.

TVP Banbury issued an advisory message on social media about the closure orders, which said: "Regular checks will be made by uniformed police officers to ensure the residents are complying with the order.

"Please do not be alarmed at the increased police presence and if you are concerned the orders are being breached, please report your concerns by calling 101."

The closure orders, which are for three months, basically mean the only people allowed in the addresses are those people named on the orders.

Police check the addresses regularly, and if anybody is found in there not listed on the order they have committed an offence for which they can be arrested.

Last week police seized some suspected cocaine from inside an address in Evenlode. As a result of a drugs warrant being served police arrested two men, aged 31 and 21 and two women, aged 38 and 23, for being concerned in the supply of class A drugs.

Oxford Magistrates Court has issued Closure Orders for two properties in Banbury where police served drugs warrants last week.

Police also seized a significant amount of cash during the serving of another one of the warrants in Evenlode, Banbury.

Police also seized some cannabis when a third drugs warrant was carried out at an address in Ferriston, Banbury. As a result police found and arrested a man who was wanted for disqualified driving and a public order offence. A 25-year-old man was charged with disqualified driving and driving without insurance in connection to an incident on May 12.