Closure order issued for Banbury property following drugs warrant

Thames Valley Police in Banbury have obtained a Closure Order in connection to a drugs warrant served at an Easington Road property last week.

TVP Banbury officers assisted by members of the Cherwell District Council Community Safety Team arrested a 19-year-old man at an Easington Road address on Friday June 11.

The arrest was made after police served a Misuse of Drugs Act warrant at an address. Police seized a large amount of class B drugs along with cash and other items linked to drug supply.

The warrant and arrest came following reports of anti social behaviour and suspected drug supply at the address.

Following the drugs warrant the Banbury Police Problem Solving Team have successfully obtained a Closure Order from Oxfordshire Magistrates Court relating to the property.

TVP Banbury posted the a message on the TVP Cherwell Facebook about the Closure Order, which said: "Closure Orders make it an offence for anybody not listed on the order to be inside the address (including garden / outbuildings).

"Regular checks will be made by police and anybody found there that shouldn't be will be liable to arrest and prosecution. This is a useful piece of legislation to help us combat illegal activity and anti social behaviour.

"We do read the comments and feedback that you put on our posts, and we are aware that many of you have your own personal opinion on the use / supply of cannabis. Whilst you may think there are more important things that we could be doing please do not forget the negative impact this has on neighbours and those living nearby.

Closure order issued for Banbury property following drugs warrant (Image from TVP Cherwell Facebook post)

"Drug supply is illegal, regardless of what type of drug it is and we will respond to it proactively.

"And thankfully no, we didn't have any child kidnaps / murders / anything else extremely serious that was mentioned that day so we were able to go ahead with the warrant as planned."

Drugs and cash seized from an Easington Road address during the execution of a warrant by police in Banbury (Image from TVP Cherwell Facebook page)