Children’s swing destroyed in Banbury park arson attack

Residents in Bretch Hill are being asked to be ‘good neighbours’ after an arson attack destroyed a swing in a children’s play area.

Banbury Town Council is asking people to contact the police if they see suspicious activity in any of the parks after the vandalism in Hastings Park on Wednesday evening (June 27)

Fire and rescue service

Fire and rescue service

Cllr Colin Clarke, chairman of the council’s general services committee, said: “Arson is mindless vandalism committed by people who have no regard for other people’s property.

“Play equipment is installed in our parks so that young people can play on it and have fun.

“Those who destroy it have no thought for their neighbours or their neighbours’ children.

“Wednesday’s vandalism took place while it was still light and some people must have seen what was going on.

“We’re asking residents to be good neighbours and telephone the police when they see people up to no good.

“They can remain anonymous if they wish – all we want is the vandalism to stop and those responsible to be caught.

“It will then be up to magistrates to deal with them.”

Wednesday’s vandalism follows arson attacks last year on play equipment in Princess Diana Park and Hastings Park.