Arrest warrant issued after Banbury woman fails to attend hearing

Banbury Magistrates Court
Banbury Magistrates Court

Banbury Magistrates Court has issued a warrant after a woman failed to show up to her sentencing hearing. The second time she has failed to show for a court hearing.

Athena Nicholle Keene, 28 of Danesmoor, was due in Banbury Magistrates Court to be sentenced after she was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a puppy.

During a hearing at Oxford Crown Court on October 23, Keene was found guilty of the offense in her absence after failing to appear.

The case was being prosecuted by the RSPCA after an incident in April involving a puppy named Lola.

On April 20 Keene took Lola to a vets where the dog was discovered to have a broken leg and other injuries. Keene claimed something had fell on Lola. Lola was administered pain killers.

Going against veterinary advice Keene took the dog away with no further treatment and was asked to remain in touch about the dog’s health.

She remained non-contactable for the next five days until concerned people contacted the RSPCA on April 26 when Lola was returned to the vet for comprehensive treatment.

At this point the RSPCA took ownership of Lola and went ahead with prosecution due to the five and a half days Lola was left, unnecessarily, without treatment.

Keene had been ordered to attend the sentencing hearing on Wednesday, November 7 but failed to appear.

Sentencing will take place at a future date but offenses of this nature can be punishable with a jail term.

Tim Williamson, a Blake Morgan solicitor who represent the RSPCA, said: “Lola is doing well and has been re-homed.”