Army veteran robbed in Banbury while riding on his mobility scooter

Neithrop Avenue and Ruscote Avenue where the robbery took place
Neithrop Avenue and Ruscote Avenue where the robbery took place

An ex-army Warrant Officer has been robbed of his wallet in broad daylight while commuting on his mobility scooter.

Keith Clement, 83, was at the junction of Neithrop Avenue and Ruscote Avenue on Monday, October 10 at 2.55pm when a young boy approached him.

Mr Clement said: “He came up and said to me ‘Hi mate, what time is it please?’

“I said five to three and he said to me ‘five to two?’ so I started to correct him and he came around the back of me and placed one of his hands on my hand and I felt his other hand going into my pocket.”

Mr Clement was strapped into his scooter for safety reasons but the force of the attack was enough to move him and his scooter.

After the attack Mr Clement went down Nursery Drive to try and find the assailant but saw no one and thinks the attacker had fled towards the Warwick Road via a cut through. He then went to the police station to report the incident.

Mr Clement describes his attacker as a white youth wearing a red brown t-shirt and had what he describes as a ‘cockatiel’ haircut possibly a mohawk. He was also very young - a fact immediately obvious to Mr Clement.

He said: “I think he was about 12 to 14 years old, he was very young I was amazed. When he approached I immediately thought ‘why aren’t you in school?’.”

Mr Clement was robbed of his wallet which contained a small amount of cash, credit cards his bus pass, rail pass and scooter insurance and warranty details.

Mr Clement said: “I don’t want to see him again, not after what he did to me.”

Anyone with information can call police on 101.