Councillors back extra leave for parents of premature babies

Cllr Sean Woodcock
Cllr Sean Woodcock

Cherwell District Council employees who become parents to premature babies will be given extra leave after a Labour motion was unanimously backed.

Cllr Sean Woodcock’s motion entitles employees with one week extra paid leave for every week that a premature baby spends in hospital prior to its due date.

An amendment was added to allow for other employees suffering issues around their child’s birth to be considered at the discretion of managers.

Cllr Woodcock said: “In the spirit of the season, Cherwell District Council has agreed to set a really positive example to other employers both locally and nationally.

“This may seem only a small thing, but actually for those affected it will have a huge impact. I am pleased that the Labour group was able to get this through with the support of the rest of the council.”