Council offer free giveaway for peats sake

Banbury gardeners are invited to Cherwell District Council's free compost giveaway next month to reap the rewards of their recycling efforts.

As well as the free compost, the event will be an opportunity to learn more about recycling at home and pick up recycling-themed freebies.

Cherwell District Council's free compost event is coming

Cherwell District Council's free compost event is coming

Ed Potter, Cherwell’s assistant director for environmental services, said: “Residents all over the district make great use of the brown bin food and garden waste collections. These events are a reminder that composting produces something of great value to local agriculture.

“As people are enjoying the warmer weather and spending time outdoors, it’s the perfect time for them to reinvigorate their gardens with the help of the high quality compost they help produce.”

Cherwell collects residents’ food and garden waste from their brown bins every fortnight. It is composted at high temperatures at a plant in Ardley before being distributed to farmers, contributing the resilience of local soils.

The compost will be loose so those taking up the offer will need to bring suitable containers.

The Banbury compost giveaway will take place on Saturday, June 1, at the Thorpe Lane Depot, Banbury. The event will also allow people to bring along textiles and small electrical items (up to the size of a microwave or hoover) for recycling.